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June 19, 2018

If virgin & crowdless beaches sparkling with fine white sand are your kind of island getaway, then come to Baobawon Beach now before more tourists start flocking in.

baobawon beach

Yes beachbums, Baobawon Beach is probably one of those real beachy-goodness spots that no one tells you about. It is tucked on the fringes of Plaridel, a quiet but progressive town in Misamis Occidental.

Discovering Baobawon Beach

I used to travel a lot along the coast of Misamis Occidental in the past. But all I saw from my speeding view back then were patches of dark sand shorelines partly hidden by thatch-roofed houses. I have to admit that I judged it too quickly without checking out that it actually hides a postcard-perfect hideaway somewhere out there.

plaridel misamis occidental

I have long held the thought that other than being an important road link to Dakak Resort in Dapitan, there’s nothing touristic about Plaridel. Not until I got an invitation to explore Baobawon Beach. Uh-oh, Bao-bao, whuuut?

bawbawon island

Not for long, our boat convoy was cruising along a placid inlet towards a maze of lush mangrove forest. I always adore coastal towns that have mangroves because it tells how much a place puts care in enriching its marine biodiversity.

baobawon beach

Then like magic — from lushness to vastness, the scene turned into a medley of blues & greens as we reached Iligan Bay. I have to be honest that at that moment lunch over crispy lechon excited me more than seeing another grey-sand beach.

baobawon beach

But as our boat sailed further & exposed the first glimpses of the island I was only told be rustic, I gawked at its blinding sheet of white sand. Whuuuuuuuut?!?

Seriously, I was floored to see a long ribbon of white-swathed beachline framed by tall coconuts against the azure MisOcc sky. Right there I was already pulling heartstrings —- oh boy, I’m in love!

baobawon beach

True enough, barely anyone was on Baobawon Beach. Save for a few makeshift cottages, there are no resorts, no stores & halleluiah there are no pesky karaoke beltings! It’s just you & the virgin beach on a hearty date.

baobawon beach

Its rawness is what makes this beach differently pretty. You have to create your own piece of theatre here. Its cleanliness is admirable. The only litters that you see on the shore are driftwoods, fallen coconuts & leaves. And it is its nothingness that fills the joy in being in a place that exudes the castaway feel.

baobawon beach

Oh yes, lunch was awesome. There was lechon that my friend Mulan had the first massive digs on the crispy skin. Then there was the “otap”, that undoubtedly was the star on our beach table. Move over Cebu because Plaridel’s version is comparably delicious, if not better.

plaridel misamis occidental

After giddily snapping shots here & there, it was time to give my audience of crablets & periwinkles a one-fat-man bathing show! Baobawon Beach is a wonderland. It’s someplace where you can fire your hashtags #beachalert #gonebeachin & #wanderlust in a shameless haze.

baobawon beach

Okay, I’m guilty. I underestimated the beautiful spots of Plaridel. But I’m making up for it because Baobawon Beach truly packs an amazing punch at the forefront of new holiday destinations to visit. Now it’s to pack those bikinis folks & head to Misamis Occidental.


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